Our Solution

Using personalized and specialized evidence-backed cognitive tasks, our software tool supports, challenges, and engages its users to train their cognitive abilities (e.g., reaction time, executive functioning, spatiotemporal awareness, etc.) to improve their cognitive performance, social participation, and quality of life.

Combining the expertise from our multidisciplinary team, highly-innovative co-creation partners, and our data-driven user-centered approach, we provide customer-specific software solutions.

We offer our solution in three models: a base model, a specialized model, and consultancy. The base model consists of a cognitive training tool to improve cognitive abilities for a broader selection of domains. The specialized model is a tool that tackles domain-specific cognitive training needs, such as sports, healthcare, or education. With consultancy, we create a highly specialized and personalized cognitive training tool for you.

The Aristotle Cognitive Training tool is being co-created with, validated & tested by, and completely implemented in the youth academy of PSV Eindhoven. Using gamification and adaptive complexity, every single player gets supported, challenged, and engaged in their cognitive development based on their individual needs. Their progress is objectively assessed by generating, analyzing, and using data through our software tool.

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