About Us

As a Startup, Aristotle Cognitive Training is confident about being a catalysator in translating ideas into high-tech products. As a team, our most valuable asset is our interdisciplinarity. This leads to us having high expectations for ourselves and our products. This makes us want to show our vision, ideas, and work to a wider market in order to get the feedback to learn, build, and measure our products and services to optimize for product-market fit.

Both of our sub-teams – the product and customer development teams – are designed for execution, so we can deliver pro-active project management. In doing so, we work with an approach that works towards optimal integration of the product and services.

In order to achieve this, we see our end-users as key players in the product development process. By being open about our work, exchanging ideas, and collaborating with our end-users and stakeholders, we are working towards long-term “win-more” solutions. Using this co-creation paradigm (seen in figure 1) helps build a long-term thriving organization with end-users that want to identify themselves with us and talk about Aristotle Cognitive Training to others, where organizations want to collaborate with and where people want to join our mission to build a culture of support, challenge, and engagement in all teams.

This is the reason why structural and constructive co-creation is a core value of us at Aristotle Cognitive Training. Complete Co-Creation is defined as:

“The widely supported, transparent process of value creation in consequent, productive collaboration with all relevant parties, with end-users playing a central role.”

We are proud to be working with organizations that work in highly competitive environments. Hence, it is important to build towards being a customer-connected organization in order to create the “target group gut feeling” that provides the intuition to know what drives our end-users, to speed up the identification of unfulfilled needs for our clients, and to more effectively engineer the customer-specific solutions that help your teams thrive. Therefore, our mission is:

“To build a culture of support, challenge, and engage in your team. Go Far, Go Together.”

Figure 1. Co-Creation Transition Model, adapted from Cocreatie revolutie (Stefanie Jansen & Maarten Pieters). Moving away from a power paradigm and towards a co-creation paradigm helps build customer-connected organizations.

Aristotle Cognitive Training is the result of five highly motivated and multidisciplinary students challenged to find a solution to the lack of cognitive training in the football world. We were all lucky enough to get the opportunity from TU/e Innovation Space and PSV to work on our first project. When we got assigned to this project we saw the bigger picture and the opportunity to found Aristotle Cognitive Training. We believe that we can make a difference with our solution to this problem and believe that we can make an impact in sports and beyond. We are looking forward to what the future holds for Aristotle Cognitive Training.

Maurits Overmans

Marcello Sala

Véronne Reinders

Antonios Mantzaris

Dirk Aarts

Paul Thur

Jesse Muijsenberg

Guyberli van Thuijl

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim Nuijten

Dr. Gert Guri

Isolde Hallensleben

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