Support, challenge, and engage people in reaching their cognitive potential

Go Far, Go Together

At Aristotle Cognitive Training our mission is to support, challenge, and engage people in reaching their cognitive potential to improve their quality of life regardless of their starting position. By providing personalized and specialized programs to train cognitive abilities like working memory, spatial awareness, reaction time, and many others, we give people the tools to reach their full potential.

Aristotle Cognitive Training was present at the “Drivers of Change”-expo at the Dutch Design Week 2021, being a representative of technology based on scientific knowledge and research through a cross-department collaboration.

The Problem

Cognitive reserve is an exhaustive resource required to regulate cognitive processes, such as attention, working memory, and executive functioning needed to perform a wide range of daily activities.

In every single moment, various stimuli can deplete one’s cognitive reserve, causing overstimulation on the “processing power” of the brain. Thus, overstimulation deprives an individuals’ ability to process the information needed to make appropriate decisions at the right time in the right context. This may lead to a decrease in cognitive performance at that moment. Additionally, continuous overstimulation will have an impact on overall social participation and quality of life.

Our Solution

Using personalized and specialized evidence-backed cognitive tasks, our software tool supports, challenges, and engages its users to train their cognitive abilities (e.g., reaction time, executive functioning, spatiotemporal awareness, etc.) to improve their cognitive performance, social participation, and quality of life.

Combining the expertise from our multidisciplinary team, highly-innovative co-creation partners, and our data-driven user-centered approach, we provide customer-specific software solutions.

We offer our solution in three models: a base model, a specialized model, and consultancy. The base model consists of a cognitive training tool to improve cognitive abilities for a broader selection of domains. The specialized model is a tool that tackles domain-specific cognitive training needs, such as sports, healthcare, or education. With consultancy, we create a highly specialized and personalized cognitive training tool for you.

The Team

Maurits Overmans

Marcello Sala

Véronne Reinders

Dirk Aarts

Antonios Mantzaris

Paul Thur

Jesse Muijsenberg

Guyberli van Thuijl

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim Nuijten

Dr. Gert Guri

Isolde Hallensleben

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